Whats a Senior Picture?What to wear?

i need to know what a senior picture , my school arranged a photo shoot for tommarow and i dont even know what a senior picture is , what do you wear to one , im a guy 17 Thanx

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  1. Tarynn says:

    Senior pictures are photographs seniors get taken. They’re done by proffessional photographers and are nicer than your average school picture. They should reflect you as you are now as a senior to preserve your high school memories. What you wear to your senior pictures is up to you. Most kids wear what best reflects them and their styles. Others like to dress up really fancy. But they’re your senior pictures and it’s all up to you. If I were you, I’d wear your favorite outfit.

  2. tttttotallydude says:

    Well ur a senior going to take a pic 4 the yearbook. Wear wat you usually wear just make an extra touch!!

  3. Jess says:

    the picture they put in the yearbook, because you’re a senior. and they’re nicer than the typical pictures.

  4. Namit S says:

    Your schools colors!!! Thats what i did!

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