What special traditions do you do at a catholic/evangelical Christan wedding reception?

The fiance is Catholic and the groom is Evangelical Christan. What traditions do you do at the wedding reception so no one (mostly parents and relatives) do not get offended. What type of special traditions do you do? please be specific!

Thank you.

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  1. Christine says:

    In both cases it will vary a lot. There’s a lot of "folk" Catholicism, so the traditions have a lot of local varieties. My family does not really have any at the reception (Polish background). Also, what would or wouldn’t offend people will vary. A lot of Christian denominations have the bride and groom walk in with their parents, instead of each other (to use a wedding example instead of a reception one), and while some parents might not mind doing it the RC way (where the parents walk in without their children, before the bride and groom walk in together), some parents might be offended.

  2. Invisigoth says:

    if it is a religious wedding then you will need to discuss this with whoever is officiating.

    Some priests will refuse to marry you if you are marrying outside of the faith.

    and as bizarre as this sounds…some Evangelicals do not consider Catholics to be Christians and the minister will not co-operate with you.

    So first they need to find someone to officiate and work this out with them.

    after that if the family is going to be offended then they will find a reason to be offended so the bride and groom should just focus on having the wedding they want and building their lives together.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For Evangelical Christians…. I’ve been to some weddings where they had a DJ and dancing, went to another wedding where they had no dancing at all because they didn’t believe in dancing, and I’ve also gone to one where they served dinner first and waited a while to have the dancing. Some Baptists don’t believe in dancing.

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