What exactly is a host/hostess supposed to do at a wedding reception?

I was told I should have a host couple for the wedding reception. I have asked a couple who is a close family friend and they gladly accepted but I guess I’m not exactly sure what they will need to do. Anyone have any type of a list of things they would do? Thanks!

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  1. Avis B says:

    The Bride’s Mother and Father and/or the Groom’s Mother and Father are usually "the host and hostess" of a wedding reception.

    The host and hostess . .

    Greet or welcome the guests as they come in the door

    Take their coats or tell the guests where the coat room is located

    Take the wedding gifts or tell the guests where the gift table
    is located

    Tell the guests what is about to occur or what is occuring now (drinks and beverages will be served in the cocktail lounge, family photographs are being taken in the couryard)

    Tell the guests where the restrooms are located

    Tell the guests where the table cards and/or placecards are located

    Tell the guests when and where dinner will be served

    Ask the guests if they have any "special" needs like a wheel chair

    Welcome the guests in the beginning of the reception (he or she will probably need a microphone)

    Move about the reception room during dinner and/or dessert to see if everyone is "comfortable" or needs anything

    Ask anyone who came "single" if they would like to dance

    Say good-bye to the guests as they are leaving the reception and thank them for coming.

    Help the Bride and Groom (or their appointed person) with moving the wedding gifts from the reception hall to the cars

    Thank the service personnel, wait staff and/or the banquet manager for their help and cooperation

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

  2. ocobride says:

    mm.. technically YOU AND YOUR GROOM are hosting the party.. dont know why someone else would be.. unless yours or his parents are paying for everything..

  3. flyfish_777 says:

    Call cabs for drunk relatives and make sure that the caterers are doing their job! Have fun!

  4. princessemilypouncer says:

    Make sure everything is running smoothly and make sure everyone is haveing a good time!

  5. Mrs. Ma'am says:

    I would guess this is similar to a wedding planner, except in this case, you see to it that everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. And you get to make a toast. Good luck!

  6. Violet Pearl says:

    Your host or hostess for the night will need to get the party jumpstarted on your behalf and keep the party fun and flowing so that everyone, including yourself, enjoys the event.

  7. Wedding Planner says:

    Traditionally, the mother of the bride is the hostess of the day. She is the one at the head of the receiving line and the one that is to make sure guests are enjoying themself. But if the MOB does not want that responsibility then you could just have your "host couple" do the job for you. Their job would be to just ensure that all guests are enjoying themselves and help out in any way that is needed.

  8. Hannah H says:

    Surprisingly a host/hostess is very important to an organized wedding reception! Be sure the people you ask are very well informed and prepared to work the first 30min-hour when guest are arriving. The responsibilities of a host/hostess is to
    1) Tell everybody which table they are seated at.
    2) Hand out party/wedding favors (if they aren’t placed on the table)

    The table business is the hardest. I don’t know how big your reception is but this can get HECTIC when 10 people are coming in at the same time. Creating a chart is the most ideal and efficient way to do this. Now, create two charts. One of them is organized by your guests last names. The second chart is organized by table numbers. This way if guest know their table number, your host can check on the table chart quick. If they don’t, you guest can look through the name chart quick, w/o having to go through every single table. Have MANY MANY copies of this just in case. Please trust me, this will make getting into your wedding reception MUCH faster and efficient for your guests! GOOD LUCK!

  9. Sophiesmom says:

    You do not need this…If you have someone who you would like to help, they can make sure people know where to sit, where to put the gifts, sign the guest book…Whatever little things you would like done….

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