Wedding Flowers : How to Make a Hand Tied Bouquet

Making a hand-tied bouquet involves removing all of the greenery from the flowers, gathering them in a circular pattern and wrapping the stems with double-sided satin ribbon. Create a beautiful hand-tied bridal bouquet with advice from an experienced floraldesigner in this free video on weddings. Expert: Christine Holanda Contact: Bio: Christine Holanda is a florist and the owner of Lily of the Valley Floral Design & Gift Shop in La Quinta, Calif. Filmmaker: Gina Miller-Britton

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3 Responses to Wedding Flowers : How to Make a Hand Tied Bouquet

  1. klismos says:

    thanks, your video helped alot

  2. TheMrsCollier says:

    thank you! this and the bridesmaid posy video has really helped me understand how I can make my own bouquets

  3. adalidy20 says:

    Thank!!! This is a clear and nice video that help me alot for my sister in law buquet

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