How should I plan my wedding reception agenda?

I am planning my wedding which is on September 23rd, (coming very soon) and I have no idea how I should go about the wedding reception agenda. I think I have the wedding agenda planned ok so far but I will accept any ideas on both! The wedding and reception will be at the same location and room. I just need to know what should happen and how long everything should last. For example, how long should the dinner last before the cutting of the cake and so forth. It isn’t a very big wedding about 50-70 guests. We are on a budget so that is why I didn’t hire a professional MC. I believe the place that we are having it at will supply one but I really want to know for myself how everything should flow. The times for everything, wedding & reception is 5pm-10pm.

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  1. Powerful_Turtle says:

    I have never seen a place supply an MC. However, a recpetion without music just isn’t a recpetion IMHO. I’d at least bring a good stereo system so you can dance.

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