Do you have to tip the hostess who helps out at a wedding reception?

I’m getting married at a country club who provides a hostess to help organize the wedding/reception and keep everything going smoothly. Do I have to tip her at the end of the day? The club already adds on a 20% gratuity to the final bill and I would assume would include her tip or am I assuming wrong?

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6 Responses to Do you have to tip the hostess who helps out at a wedding reception?

  1. Lantari says:

    You should tip her in my opinion.
    Expecially if she will do an excellent job.

  2. Paranormal Kitty says:

    I tip the groom for helping me out of my bridesmaid dress.

  3. BADNESS says:

    Just call the club up and say okay I was wondering I am tipping 20% and was wondering dowes that go to the hostess the waitress waiters and all. If not who should I tip and what is a fair amont. I had to ask at my daughters as man there are so much to do. Congrats on the wedding. remember if something happens unplanned let it be chaulked up to a funny laugh latter and at the time be graceful. You never know. My husband said the dumbest speech. So embarrassing. so emabrrassing. But now I still do not get him but I think he was so nervous he said really dumb things!!

  4. Lady of the Lake says:

    I’m from Australia so we don’t really tip in general but i would assume the 20% added to your bill would mean the hostess is already getting decent wages and so you don’t need to tip her. it’s different if you’re at a restaurant and the waitresses etc have poor wages and so you are expected to tip them but in this case you have paid to hire the venue and THEY are expected to hire and provide the staff so it’s their job to pay her not yours. that would be my logic any way. if she does an exceptional job i would tip her but otherwise i wouldn’t worry about it

  5. Jenna says:

    I wouldn’t say that you HAVE to tip her – since you are already tipping in bulk – but if she is a person who is especially helpful, what about giving her some sort of small remembrance – if not money, then a thank you card and maybe including one of the favors from the wedding – I know, she would probably like money better, but that would be a nice way of saying thank you without adding more expense to an already expensive day – maybe sending a thank you to the country club and naming especially helpful people would be a good route, as they would get recognition that they are good at their jobs πŸ™‚

    if you are really worried about it, ask the person who is arranging things with you at the country club, they probably have insight into when tipping is appreciated and when it causes issues within the staff, they may have the 20% added to your bill to make sure that one type of staff member is not recognized over the others

    don’t stress too much though, even if you do exactly the wrong thing – it won’t really matter in the long run and you are working with so many details right now, that people will forgive you the small stuff πŸ™‚

  6. JonV says:

    If the tip is added to the bill, then that’s it. It wouldn’t make any sense to just add some people’s tips and not others’.

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