Bridal Bouquet Ideas : How to Make a Round Bridal Bouquet

The best way to make a perfectly round bridal bouquet is to use a round bouquet holder and soaked floral foam, where short stems can be inserted to make the dome shape. Create a classic round bouquet with helpful tips from a professional florist in this free video on wedding flowers. Expert: Crystal Nassar Contact: Bio: Crystal Nassar is a floral designer and part of a family-owned business, Tuscan Florist, with more than 30 years experience in the floral industry. Filmmaker: Gina Miller-Britton

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4 Responses to Bridal Bouquet Ideas : How to Make a Round Bridal Bouquet

  1. sugarcube367 says:

    Those look GREAT! I thought you were supposed to soak the sponge (the green thing) before putting the flowers in? Otherwise, will the roses wilt? Thank you so much for the design points! 🙂

  2. Sadejs34 says:

    You are great!

  3. ttinney5543 says:

    your videos are wonderful…I am ordering this bouquet holder for my wedding!

  4. b3b3ch4nc3 says:

    Thank so much for your videos 🙂

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