Any suggestions for nice outdoor spaces to host a wedding reception in/around Cleveland Ohio?

I would like to find a nice outdoor location to host my wedding reception for about 100 people. Ideally this location would have bathrooms, parking, and a kitchen. I’m getting married in three months and most of my favorite places are booked. Most of the parks I have contacted won’t let us remove the picnic tables and put up tents. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. SUEBEEHONEY says:

    Sheffield lake on lake rd community center. They have a gizebo & out side, playground for the kids, inside the center the windows all face the lake.. and since its so close to the police station you dont need a renta cop they dont require it.

  2. badkat423 says:

    huntington playhouse in the metro parks across from the beach in bay village rents out its space for weddings.. i went to a wedding there and it was really nice.. there is both indoor and outdoor spaces for dining and dancing plus they cater

    good luck

  3. Iceman says:

    Within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, there is an area called "Virginia Kendall." It has a wooden log cabin type structure for such events, which I believe you can reserve. Follow this link for reservations:
    A great place to actually have the wedding would be at Brandywine Falls, which is within the same park and pictured here:
    I have seen other weddings there. Only drawback, no alcohol. I lived in Ohio for over 20 years and every time I go back, I always stop to see the valley; absolutely beautiful. Check them out; I think you’ll like them.

  4. Dottie R says:

    You might contact Clint Williams about Grand Pacific Junction and its "hotel" in Olmsted Falls. We had my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party there and enjoyed it.

  5. SimplyRed says:

    I am planning for Delucas Place in the Park…give them a call…their website shows all the gorgeous options they have.

  6. runofthemill says:

    The Cleveland Botanical Gardens

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