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What is a polite way to say that our wedding reception is small and private?

Me and fiance have about 300 people who want to attend our wedding but our receptioin will feed 150. We want to invite people to the wedding still but let them know we cannot feed everyone at the reception. Alot … Continue reading

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Elegant and unusual flowers for a fabulous wedding

Florist Jodi Shalgosky takes us through the choices you have when choosing your wedding flowers and shows us some beautiful, but different, bouquets and table arrangements. Visit for more tips and inspiration. The video is brought to you by … Continue reading

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How would most people feel about an alcohol-free wedding reception?

If it’s done for personal reasons (straight-edge amongst others) and religious reasons, as well as keeping the safety of guests in mind, and most of my friends don’t drink, how do you think most invitees would feel about an alcohol-free … Continue reading

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