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What are some good ideas for a wedding reception that'll only cost about 2 grand?

We have less money that we’d planned to do our wedding reception with. 🙁 Does anyone have any good ideas? I’m looking for inexpensive fun, but not cheap and chincy. Thanks!

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What should I wear at my senior picture? 10 points to best advice!?

I’n a couple of weeks, I have to have my senior picture taken. It must be through this one company, or else it will not be put in the yearbook. I’m having pictures done somewhere else, who I know takes … Continue reading

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What do I wear to a late august wedding reception?

I’m going to my boyfriends sisters wedding, which he is in, but i’m going to the reception only. The wedding is afternoon I believe, and the reception shortly after? I’m not quite sure on exact times yet. I currently have … Continue reading

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